PATCH Membership

The reasons for membership in a homeschool support group are numerous, here's a few:

First, because home educating is a radical departure from public and private schools, a homeschool support group provides emotional support. Working with others with similar goals and ideals gives members assurance that the method of education they have chosen for their children is a sound one.

The second advantage of membership in a group is the ability to draw upon the resources of others within the group.

Thirdly, group activities can provide friendships for members and their children. Group interaction with people of all ages is the best way to socialize children. Group discounts, parties, field trips, and more...

We would like to encourage you, if you're wanting to be a part of this support group, to look at the unique talents and skills that God has given your family to share with the group. What do you do that could help pull this group together and make it just a little bit better?

To join PATCH, for the 2017-2018 school year, please send your payment,

$25 through August 15, $35 August 16-July 31, to

P.O. Box 403
Paducah, KY 42002

Please make checks payable to PATCH and INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. If you would prefer to pay through PayPal, you can send your money, $26 through August 16, $35 August 16-July 31, to Once your dues have been received, you will receive a link where you will read the by-laws and fill out your membership information. After that has been completed, we will be able to send you an invitation to join our Yahoo email group.

~ The Leadership Board

Click here to see a list of volunteer suggested activites.

If you would like to request funds for an activity, club, etc., please fill out the financial form and mail it to PATCH at P.O. Box 403, Paducah, Ky, 42002